CUKA Fashion Show & Art Exhibition

As a joint production exercise, the group of fashion designers: Aura Meztli, Elizabeth Baqueiro and Abigail Comoto, decided to make their collection in collaboration with engravers from Oaxaca, who intervened the fabrics with graphic motives, for their later use in the manufacture of garments.

This entailment was carried out by Melva Medina and the graphic workshop “BAMBÚ”, under the direction of the teacher Abraham Torres.

The graphic artists involved were: Humberto Vázquez, Yamilet Asilem, and Saúl Vázquez from Oaxaca; and Abel Vázquez and Melva Medina, from Merida.

Having an event with such inclusive and festive character, the models were invited to dance or pose. All of them were from different social groups, ages and complexions.

The fashion show was set by the group “Swinga tu madre”, giving a different touch to the common concept of catwalk.

The project was given for the benefit of the organization; APIS Southeast. Foundation for Equity (APIS Sureste. Fundación para la Equidad A.C.).

Everything that was collected during the fashion show, was donated to this foundation.

Along with the event, a collection of engravings by the participating artists and the teacher Abraham Torres, was presented on the walls of the gallery.

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