Creative Marathon

First drawing contest

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  • Open to all artists and public interested in art.
  • All drawing trends and techniques will participate.
  • The call is open including local, national or international artists.

1. Each artist will participate with 15 drawings. The exercise consists of doing one piece every day. Images must be 15 x 20 cm.

2. For a fairer and more professional selection, the participants will be classified into three categories: professional, emerging and amateur.

PROFESSIONAL: All artists with a history of more than 10 years. 

EMERGING: All artists in training, students, self-taught, etc. 

AMATEURS: General public who likes to do creative projects.

3. The theme is free, the only requirement is NOT TO TALK ABOUT COVID-19.

Have fun, play and bring out your inner child! …

4. To achieve the objectives of development and creativity, it will be necessary not to suspend the process on any day of the period designated for this exercise.

5. From April 20th to May 4th , each artist must post their drawing on instagram stories tagging @nahualligallery, so that the gallery account can publicize the work of the participants.

6. To carry out a control by the qualifying jury, each work must be sent daily to the mail nahualliconvoca@gmail.com

7. In the event that the results include an artist whose residence is outside of Mérida Yucatán, the sending and return of the works will be under the responsibility of the author. Nahualli Gallery will be responsible for framing, museum and spread the work of the winners.

8. The exhibition will be made up of a series of 15 pieces by each artist selected as the winner in the creative marathon.

9. The final curator of the exhibition, supported by the members of the qualifying jury, remains as a privilege of Galería Nahualli.

10. The artists give up the publication rights of their works in the Nahualli Gallery at the time of entering the registration form, to spread the work and the dynamics of the proposal in the marathon.


  1. The participating artists must register in the form for the marathon drawing contest that will appear on our page www.nahualligallery.com, in the events section.
  2. Registration for the contest will close on April 19, 2020, at 8:00 p.m.


The artist with the best work and development in each category will be taken into account, according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Creative evolution. 
  • Technical evolution. 
  • Expressive evolution.

The selected artists will obtain recognition (diploma) and the right to exhibit their 15 works, at the Nahualli Gallery, having the benefits of spread and promoting their work.

Honorable mentions will also be awarded to the most outstanding works that will form part of the publications on our official website www.nahualligallery.com.

Be part of our family!

The qualifying solidarity jury will be made up of the following artists:

Ernesto Novelo. Painter and engraver. Yucatan

Renato González. Freelance painter. Mexico City

Abraham Torres. Graphics workshop Bambú, Oaxaca

Abel Vázquez. Painter and sculptor, Nahualli, home of artists. Oaxaca-Yucatan

Melva Medina. Sculptor and engraver, Nahualli home of the artists. Michoacán-Yucatán