Motherhood as a starting point, as an origin and destination

By A. Osuna

Gráfica Melva

This month, we celebrate motherhood and those who from the deepest roots have become the guides of our walk through life: mothers.

Melva Medina herself, director and artist of Galería Nahualli, as mother of Meztli and Citlalli is at the same time a window towards the purest concept of motherhood and what it represents in her life as a sculptor and multidisciplinary artist.

Described by herself as a great teaching of life, motherhood was very intense for Melva, and this is reflected in many of her works. “When one conceives to give birth to a baby, one is filled with energy, there is a different flow of energy. You feel it, you carry it and you live differently. I always try to represent that energy flow in my works … ”.

In many of Melva’s works pieces are seen completely cut in half as part of her discourse of considering light as an elemental aspect in the sculpture itself.

For Melva, light, emptiness and everything that is ethereal, represents the most important part. In her works, she refers to the feeling of “doing everything” for that human being that comes.

Eroticism blends with science and feelings, a fusion between energy and emotions emerges around the generation of new life.

“Eroticism is very important, the seed agreement as a source and starting point, these phallic elements as a point from here to life, the moment of giving that light, that spark, that attraction, chemistry. All that is science, it is art, it is nature and all that I have impregnated. The roots with the Earth. We are part of it, we are going to give to it. I think a lot about this cycle of life and death, which is something very just: it gives you so much, that you have to give it back… ”.

Melva’s work tells us of a symbolism where women have the leading role, whether as mother, daughter, and being contained in a complex and beautiful existence, the woman finds herself immersed in a surreal and dreamlike world.

In her sculpture, Melva emphasizes the importance of the invisible, intangible energy symbol; of space in form, as a fundamental element. Female eroticism, her identity in mesticism and her spirituality, the ethereal and the mystical, function as a repeated theme in her creations.

“Heaven cries and gives its sacred liquids to drink to the earth. She guards herself with the eternal desire to feel his touch. Her heart bursts into fruitfulness and generously manifests itself by sprouting and giving, nurturing those who will later nourish her… ”.