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Yucatán Living

This light-filled, art-filled gallery is owned by and is the exhibition space for two artists, Melva Medina and Abel Vasquez, who have created a lovely environment in which to view their work…


Yucatán Today

The constant movement and change that goes on in this cultural space is well known in Mérida’s artistic world. Melva Medina and Abel Vázquez, two well known artists in the area, are reaping the benefits of their dedication, passion and love in forming this art gallery.


The Boston Sunday Globe

In the parlor of their colonial home, Medina’s bronze sculptures sit next to white sofas and the vivid, surrealist-inspired paintings by Vázquez hang salon-style. Their sunny studio lies in a patio beyond an elaborate iron grille.


Yucatán Today

When you enter the home/studio/gallery/art workshop/cultural event setting known as Nahualli Casa de Artistas, you immediately know you have entered a very special place. The walls are full of paintings and tapestries, the tables are full of sculptures. The air is full of warmth, creativity, and energy.


Patricio Robles Gil

Painted Bodies, “Origins, Art & Nature”, The event took place the 12 of November 2009 in the “Hacienda Tekit de Regil” in Merida. Where the narrow relationship of the natural world with its artistic representations was celebrated and the ancient craft of decorating the human body was presented in different artistic visions.


Sistema de Información Cultural

It is known the frequent movement that this cultural center maintains with the constant plastic production of its inhabitants, the renowned artists Melva Medina and Abel Vázquez, who have dedicated great effort and love in the formation and operation of this latest proposal of art gallery.


Condé Nast Traveler

The humble facade of the gallery opens onto an outdoor space and with a lot of style. Sumptuous tiles pave the floor of the gallery, as in most meridanas houses.



Nahualli is a welcoming space, a colonial house that welcomes the visitor and presents it with paintings, drawings and sculptures, all belonging to Medina and Vázquez, as well as some more works by guest artists.


Pineapple Trips

hands, eyes and soul that create art touching the most indifferent person. We spent some hours chatting and admiring their work. So gentle person passing a very powerful message through her creations about what is important in life.