The erotic and feminine symbolism of Melva Medina

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The erotic and feminine symbolism of Melva Medina

By Vanessa Alejandro / Translation Miguel Sciaudone

Melva welcomes you with a big smile and background music when you open the door of her historic nineteenth century house-gallery. She likes to emphasize that they are not a “conventional gallery and that you should feel at home”. It is precisely that sensation I perceive while walking through the beautiful spaces full of art, life, stories and color around me.

Immersed in a surreal and dreamlike world, the work of Melva – artist, woman,  mother, and wife – harmoniously reflects her mexica roots and her great passion for erotic and feminine symbolism.

Her figurative and organic work brings us closer to Mother Earth and seduces us with the strength of a spiritual woman who is capable of doing anything. The sculptures, for example, take on a feminine strength and blend with the beauty of an animal that is about to lead us to some part of the Nahualli universe.

The social commentary and visual impact on the spectators are a constant in the work of the artist, thanks to her versatile handling of sculptural and pictorial techniques. Her works have traveled the world and some have found a place in foreign homes to tell their stories. I certainly also want one of them in mine.

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