The sacred land of Abel Vazquez

Creative Process

The sacred land of Abel Vazquez

by Vanessa Alejandro / translation Miguel Sciaudone

Abel is a curious man, like an unstoppable child in the creation of ideas and worlds full of mystical stories. The language in his works is everyday, naive and explosively colorful, highlighting his interest in the land and its spirit.

Born in Oaxaca, he received from his grandmother, Mayora (who works as a healer and counselor), great mystical influence which he proudly expresses in his works.

From his childhood he trained as a cabinet maker and then went on to graduate from the famous Mexican national art school, «La Esmeralda». He was a student of Francisco Moyao, Octavio Bajonero, Rolando Arjona and Mario Rendón.

Abel belongs to the prolific generation of Mexican plastic artists of the eighties that includes Sergio Hernández, Antonio Nava, German Venegas, Flor Minor, Roberto Turmbull, Renato González, Magali Lara, Rocio Maldonado and Melva Medina to name a few.

He has developed monumental works with important masters of Mexican art such as José Chávez Morado. He worked to elaborate several monuments and models for him, one of them being the shield of the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro in Mexico City.

He also has more public works in Mexico City, such as the monument to the nurse and portraits of writers that commemorate the guild in the ballpark of the square of the writers of SOGEM.

Experiments with drawing, photography, bodypaint, engraving, sculpture and painting, make him a multifaceted artist full of stories to tell the viewer.

Abel, the plastic artist, does not seem to care much for fame and international recognition (which he has achieved). In 40 years of experience, he continues to produce and invent characters and enigmatic worlds in his workshop. He kindly welcomes visitors to his house-gallery, who are fascinated by his works in bronze, stone, resins, acrylics and iron…

His works have been exhibited in Chicago, Los Angeles, Arizona, Miami, New Orleans… but Abel always keeps his feet on the ground where much of his inspiration comes from. An idiosyncratic illustrious character and teacher of the plastic arts,  he adds incalculable value to Mexican culture.

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