Under the premise of create a topic of conversation with positive nuances, the renowned artist Melva Medina and Fernanda Ceballos, Manager of Nahualli Gallery, devised the Nahualli Creative Marathon, a dynamic where registered participants had to send by email and through their social networks, fifteen drawings over fifteen days.

Three categories were developed for the Marathon: PROFESSIONAL: all artists with a trajectory of more than 10 years; EMERGING: all artists in training, students, self-taught, etc.; and AMATEURS: the general public that likes to do creative projects.

The Creative Marathon had the participation of more than 160 people in the three categories, thus turning the Nahualli Creative Marathon into an important entertainment and leisure activity with an artistic approach, so necessary today that we are living.

The selected artists were awarded a recognition (diploma) and have been granted the right to exhibit their 15 works made in the Nahualli Gallery, having the benefits of dissemination and promotion of their work.

“This event is dedicated to analyzing the way in which film, music, video, and the plastic arts were the rescue of so many during the pandemic, as well as the opportunity to keep creativity and imagination alight in the face of the storm.”


“During the recording of this program, the sanitary protocols were extreme, sanitizing the spaces, materials and taking care of the healthy distance. The masks were only removed when the participants were already in their seats.”

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